Robotic Systems

»Picasso SS 330

Picasso SS 330

Human gets tired and slows down, Picasso SS FLY never ....... / High Performance

Human fails, Picasso SS FLY never ....... / Absolute Precision

Picasso SS FLY, sprays chemical in right weight in grams and to the right locations. / Quality

Picasso SS FLY, applies the same process to all of hundreds of thousands jeans. / Standard

Picasso SS FLY, can work 24 hours in a day. / Performance

Spray Machine with 2 Robotic Arms and 2 Mannequins

Picasso SS 330 FLY is developed by VAV engineers. It is equipped with two high technology robotic arms. Our engineers analyzed the anatomy of human arm and designed a robot that can make the same movements with it in same details; In shape, in length and in thickness of human arm… Later, these robotic arms were supported with electronics and computers that can work at very high speed. Everything was only for a single purpose; to imitate the movements of human arm and wrist… And finally, they succeeded… With its two robotic arms and 2 mannequin loading system, Picasso SS 330 FLY is two times faster than human. While human is having difficulty in spraying process with one hand, Picasso SS 330 Fly reaches the production speed by spraying with its two robotic arms at the same time. For example a 80 seconds long spray process for a spray worker, lasts only in 40 seconds with Picasso SS 330 Fly.

2 Axis Pointer System

It is a system which is developed to help loading the jeans on the mannequins very precisely. The operator can define specific points that will provide convenience in placing of the jeans.

2 Advanced Mannequin Mechanisms

It has been designed with the aim of loading the jeans on the mannequins in the fastest and the most proper way. It has four-stage swelling property (PATENTED) to prevent leg twists. First, only jean’s waistband is swelled and the jean is hung up. The operator straightens the left leg twist easily; then swells and fixes the left leg. Later, he straightens the right leg; swells and fixes the right leg. Finally, the jean is completely swelled and prepared for the process. The operator can easily regulate the boat’s swelling pressure in millibar sensitivity for every mannequin. Because of all mechanical items are located in the swelling boat, there is no moving item apart from the mannequins. The mechanism seems very simple and clear. Therefore, there would not be any case for applied chemical to pour or damage the jeans.